Monday, 23 September 2013

Top 5 Quirky Nottingham Pubs

Nottingham has apparently got the highest number of pubs in the UK per square foot... or something like that, I can never quite remember. Anyway what I do know is that it has some very interesting drinking holes, so I thought I'd list a few favourites for anyone thinking of visiting.

1. The one with the caves aka The Hand & Heart (above)
There are several 'cave pubs' in Nottingham, (it is after all known as the City of Caves) including Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem (mentioned below), and the Malt Cross which is also soon to open its cave basement up for gigs. But the Hand & Heart is my favourite of the bunch. It's so cosy in winter, with fairy lights and candles and a lovely selection of ales on offer. And they do a good Sunday roast to boot.

2. The one that's really really old aka Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
Located at the foot of Nottingham Castle, most visitors to the city stop off for a drink at Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, supposedly England's oldest inn. It dates back to 1189 AD and houses a few other quirks including the Haunted Galleon - a ship in a bottle that is supposed to bring about a curse to anyone who cleans it (it's very dusty indeed) and the rather scary Pregnancy Chair.

3. The one with the canal boat running through it aka The Canalhouse
The Canalhouse is located... yes right next to the canal, with a boat running through the middle. Although you can't have a drink on board the boat, the pub does lots of good Castle Rock beer and nice food to boot.

4. The one in the Boiler Shop aka The Boilermaker
A rather new pub to add to the list, and one I only just discovered. If you stroll down into Hockley you may not look twice at the half empty boiler shop, let alone think to wander in for a cocktail. But behind the boring-looking facade lies a secret pub which seems to be gaining popularity through word of mouth. There are lots of exciting sounding cocktails on offer, through the price is slightly steep at £7 a drink.

5. The one with the Scalextric track aka The Dragon
The Dragon is located just off Market Square, and is easy to miss (I have been known to walk past a few times without realising). What many may not know is that in the back garden lurks a shed containing one heck of a Scalextric track called The Racing Room, which can be hired out for birthdays and fun times!


  1. Ooh Ye Olde Trip and the Canalhouse were two of my favourites when Nottingham was my stomping ground. Will definitely add them to the list when I come back! xx

  2. This is really useful, I find decent pubs the hardest thing to find in a new city. It's all too easy to find a generic chain bar, but so much more difficult to find a genuinely nice place to drink when you're on unfamiliar territory.


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