Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Memories of the Future

Memories of the Future is a series of creative events happening in Nottingham this autumn, including zine making workshops, pinhole photography classes, live music, films and lots more! I asked organiser Kirsty Fox to explain where the idea came from and what they have in store...


Autumn in Nottingham is going to be an exciting time, with our first big comic-con Nerdfest, The Great Notts Show, plus the usual joys of the beer festival & Game City. This year will also bring a multi-media pop-up event called Memories of the Future. Running on the theme of ‘analogue meets digital’, it will be based in The Corner, Hockley, from 8th-12th October.

It's the flagship project for our social enterprise, Bees Make Honey Creative Community. It started life as a temporary shop & exhibition space. We will also be running a series of workshops, talks and live performances both on site & at sister venues. It keeps developing new bits & pieces so I’m starting to think of it as a small arts festival.

We’re concentrating on the four specialisms of music, moving image, photography and the written word. They all have a rich tradition in both how they’re made & how they turn out – from beautiful old film & photography cameras, to offset printing, to vinyl production. Yet these creative industries are facing rapid changes as we move into the digital age. As part of the DIY creative community, we’re really interested in the relationship between the two. Rather than one trumping the other, we’d like to explore how we can use both.

My co-organisers are Dan Layton & Phil Formby. Dan has a background in Graphic Design, as well as being involved with Nottingham’s independent music scene (formerly in the band Souvaris & currently in LVIV, as well as doing solo projects under the name Apalusa), while Phil is a photographer & filmmaker. My background is in writing, DIY publishing & visual arts, so I feel the three of us have brought a good balance of ideas & influences to Memories of the Future, while also hopefully building a bit of a collective vision.

We want to capture the public imagination a bit when it comes to independently produced creative work. There are many small book publishers, music labels and film and photography collectives doing great things in Nottingham & the Midlands, yet many people are unaware of them. Aside from nooks & crannies of the internet there aren't enough opportunities for people to discover all this great stuff, so we wanted to create a bit of a showcase & get a buzz going about the local scene.

The idea for the whole thing came from wanting to an event which brought different specialisms together with a common ground. The analogue meets digital theme just feels very timely – it’s a bit of a zeitgeist for me.

Thanks Kirsty! More details of all the events can be found on the website.


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