Friday, 13 September 2013

Film Friday: Inside the Harry Potter Studio

Another part of Mick's birthday weekend was a trip to the Warner Brothers Studios to visit the world of Harry Potter. Disclaimer: I've never actually watched a full HP film, or read any of the books. Ahem. But, despite this the tour was still really eye opening and fun!

The studio contains all the real sets, costumes and props used in the films, and the level of detail put into them was quite amazing. It was great to have a behind the scenes glimpse at how everything was created.. I really need to watch the films now. My only word of warning if you visit: don't try the butterbeer!



  1. I'm intrigued now about the butterbeer... was it terrible?

    1. Hehe. It was just super-sweet, with a weird foam on top (a bit like cream soda but even sweeter!) we couldn't have more than a few sips!

  2. I loved this tour! It was the most perfect thing ever for fans of the series. The movies are pretty good, but really the books are where it's at!!

  3. I'm so jealous. I really want to go. I have only hears bad things about the butterbeer, but I know I would still wabt to try some! Haha.


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