Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Checking in at Red Hot World Buffet

Reading Bee's food reviews (which never fail to make me hungry!) inspired me to write one of my own, about the new Red Hot World Buffet restaurant that recently opened here in Nottingham. Red Hot Buffet used to be situated in Hockley, but has reopened in a bigger premises in the Cornerhouse, so we decided to try it out recently with a couple of friends who were visiting from London.

I have to admit the decor was part of the attraction. At the entrance, the reception is decked out like an airport, you check in and head downstairs to an IMMENSE space with a 'round the world' buffet, which includes food from Thailand, India, Mexico, China and Italy. The dining rooms are all named after different countries and as you can see from the pics, the surroundings are suitably over the top!

But what about the food? Well, the old Red Hot was nothing much to shout about, but seems to have improved lots with the move. With fresh sushi available, as well as the chance to pick out a fresh pasta dish for the chefs to sizzle up before your eyes, the choice is at first quite overwhelming! The dessert choice was also pretty vast, though we felt dessert didn't quite live up to the mains. I'd definitely recommend a trip to the world buffet, it was quite an experience and the food was a lot better than we expected! They also do some good cocktails to boot (which ended up costing us almost as much as the food, oops!)  Apparently there are other Red Hots across the country in places such as Leeds, Manchester & Cardiff, I wonder if they look the same?!


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  1. Ooh, to a fussy (sushi loving) eater, this sounds just like my kind of place! :)


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