Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hello vintage caravan (and goodbye car..)

This month marks four years since Tom and I first got together, so to celebrate we decided to drive up to Yorkshire to spend the weekend in this pretty vintage caravan that Tom spotted on Airbnb. It's located in a pretty rambling garden in the small village of Helperby, a few miles outside of York.

After we arrived at the caravan on Saturday we decided to drive to York for the day, but weren't prepared for just how flooded some of the country lanes would be! Our poor old car couldn't cope with a particularly deep one, and the engine became flooded with water and we spluttered to a halt. After half an hour or so it started up again after a little drying out, but after a check-in at the garage today it sadly looks as if it may have to be put to rest. RIP car..

Anyway, we had a good weekend nonetheless and instead of road tripping to the seaside as planned we spent a relaxing evening in the caravan with just a game of scrabble and the radio for company. It was a lovely chance to unwind, and the rain on the tin roof made us feel all the more cosy!

It was a shame that the rain prevented us from trying the outdoor bath though, so another weekend up there some time may be in order. The owners of the caravan, Margie & Humph (and their friendly dogs) were ever so welcoming and they even left us a selection of breakfast goodies to cook in the morning (handy when you're feeling a little stranded in the remote countryside!).

On Sunday we finally made it to York and had a wonderful walk around the Minster, which was beautiful in the sunshine. We also had some scrummy food at a veggie cafe called Goji, which I'd heartily recommend if you are ever in York. I had a butternut squash & goat's cheese wrap and Tom had a veggie hot-dog with all the trimmings! Yum. It was a lovely getaway and, despite the car mishaps it was great to have a break from city life for a couple of days. How was your Bank Holiday?



  1. Wow, that caravan looks amazing - I immediately added it to my favourites in Airbnb! Bad news about the car though, I'm glad you didn't let it ruin your weekend.

    1. Yes it was lovely! Would recommend a trip there but hard to get to without driving! We are planning on saving for our campervan instead now :) x

  2. I love the look of the caravan! I keep bookmarking quirky looking places on Airbnb - I must get round to booking one, just for the sake of it! Bx

  3. Love the showman's caravan! I keep pestering the other half to buy either one of them, a shepherd's hut or a vintage caravan; we've already got a vintage 1952 fairground lorry but we need something to tow behind it to sleep in! :-) x


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