Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Why don't you make a zine?

July marks the very first International Zine Month and to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to hide some of our latest zine (all about the adventures Tom and I had in Holland) around town. So if you're out and about in Nottingham be sure to keep your eye out for one! If you're not local I'm also doing a special 3 for 2 offer on the travel zines in my shop throughout July.

If you're unfamiliar with zines the word is an abbreviation of the term 'fanzine' or magazine. Zines are self-published works, which gained popularity during the punk era, and again during the Riot Grrrl scene in the 90s. Nowadays they can be found in many shapes and forms, from comics to art zines and poetry anthologies. The beauty of zines is that you can make a zine about any subject you please - check out this one dedicated to Freaks & Geeks, for example! Zines are traditionally hand photocopied but nowadays it's really easy to produce your own zine and print them at home.

The video above is a brilliantly simple way of making your own zine from one sheet of paper - why not give it a go? I have really enjoyed making our comic zines, and it's been so much fun getting orders for them from places around the world, from the US to Australia. I'd definitely recommend going down the self-publishing route.

Talking of zines, last month I received this beautiful zine, above, as part of a zine swap with Dindie who lives in Indonesia. I first discovered her daily drawings on her blog, Slora Sauna, and in May she published them in a Daily Drawings zine available here. Her drawings are really sweet and funny, I'd recommend a visit to her blog to see more. Have you ever made a zine? If so I'd love to see it!


  1. this is great! i've thought about making a zine for some time, but never actually got it together enough to make one! but maybe this'll finally motivate me to do it! :D

  2. Gosh! I still need to pick up a copy of your latest lost and found! I published a zine back in 2006 and gosh, what a LABOUR OF LOVE! But before a blog it was really my only way to express myself and my stories and my life. I loved the process but sadly have never had the time to devout to a "Telling Tales" follow up. Did you ever read a copy? If you fancy reading a very old (vintage!) zine I'd happily post you one. There are only 3 copies left now! x


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