Sunday, 7 July 2013

The good old British summertime

Hurray - the sun is finally out, Murray did alright at Wimbledon and despite pollen counts going a bit doolally I am very happy to be lounging around in shorts and a summer top for a change. After a day off spent in London on Friday (where it was even hotter..) Tom and I headed to his dad's house this weekend to enjoy a night called the Battle of the Proms. The event is held yearly at Burghley House in Stamford and involves lots of classical music, M&S party food, champagne, strawberries and some AMAZING fireworks to finish off the evening. Despite not usually being one to celebrate the old British Isles, the coconut shies, sunshine and singalongs all made for a jolly good weekend.

Also today we were most pleased to be given this beautiful 1930s gramophone record player, operated solely by winding the handle in between songs. Tom's dad wanted us to give it a good home, and I really want to take it to the park with a picnic basket and dance to old jazz records.

*Photos by Tom

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