Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Searching for a sport I enjoy

I've never really been one for sports. I hated PE with a vengeance at school and since then have struggled to find a sport that is for me. I shy away from most team sports (my technique in rounders is always to field, and make sure I'm as far away as possible from where the ball lands!) Running has never really appealed either - last time I went on a run my legs and ankles hurt for days and it put me off going again.

I've found cycling and swimming to be among the few sporty activities I actually enjoy and last week I found myself somehow saying yes to aqua aerobics. I was slightly apprehensive as when I'd tried actual aerobics years ago I'd found it a bit terrifying. For one there was a huge mirror so I could see how out of time I was - not very encouraging for a beginner! And secondly I seemed to be the only one just not getting it, so much so that one woman asked if I could keep out of her space - how rude! I made a hasty exit halfway through the class and never looked back. But aqua aerobics (or 'Deep Water' as they called the class I attended - I much prefer this title as it conjures up imagery of sharks and diving bells) was actually pretty fun. You get to wear a belt that makes you float, making swimming seem super easy, and if you do anything wrong no one can really tell as you're mainly doing it under water. I may have found a sport I don't hate!


  1. Ooh I fancied trying this but my local one seems to be firmly aimed at the over 60s! Maybe I'll gatecrash anyway... :)

    1. Hehe, the one i went to was filled with quite a mixture of people, men and women! I think there are different types of aqua fit classes about, you should try it anyway. x

  2. Ha, completely understand your feelings about actual aerobics - I was always the one grape-vining frantically in the wrong direction! But it's fantastic you think aqua fit might work for you. If only we were encouraged to try out different things in PE class. I know it would have saved me a lot of angst.


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