Friday, 26 July 2013

Film Friday: The World's End

Last weekend Tom and I made a cinema date to go see the new Pegg-Frost-Wright film, The World's End. Having previously enjoyed both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz we were looking forward to seeing the last in the 'cornetto trilogy'. The cast were great, but sadly the film didn't quite meet our expectations. The plot was very similar to the first film and I didn't find the alien/robots that convincing. It's a shame as I am still a huge Spaced fan and it was fun spotting some of the cameos in The World's End, but I felt it was sadly just 'okay' and Simon Pegg's character didn't quite work for me. Let me know if you felt the same!

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  1. Yes! Basically I had the exact same opinion - except I never really got into Spaced so the cameo thing wasn't up to much for me... :)


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