Saturday, 20 July 2013

5 minute craft project - Make a stamp from a cork!

I saw this idea a while ago on Pinterest, but as most wine bottles are screw top these days I haven't had chance to try it. When i got my hands on this super cork I decided to give it a go. All you need is a cork, a sharp craft knife and a stamp pad. I decided to go for quite a simple shape, as I found cutting into cork was harder than using rubber. It only took a few minutes to carve out my star shape, and ta-da! The results are a little rough, like potato print, but stamping is just so satisfying! The stamps would work really well for wrapping paper as well. Give it a go next time you open a bottle of wine!



  1. It would also make great elements on illustrations (if you work that way). Thanks, Laura!!

    1. That's true! By the way i just looked at your new website & it looks great! Love the 3D animals.

  2. I've done this so many times but never thought to transfer to wrapping paper, what a great tip! I'll have to wait until I get another good cork to try it - any excuse to buy a bottle of wine...


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