Saturday, 22 June 2013

To Berlin and back

Last week I took Tom on a 'secret' birthday trip to Berlin! It was quite hard not to mention where we were going, and several friends and family knew but all managed to keep schtum about the location. However when I said we'd need to get some euros for our trip Tom managed to guess the location, but no matter! We had a great few days there regardless, and I arranged for another surprise as Tom's friends turned up there to meet us. I'd secretly arranged to meet them at the Kotbusser U Bahn stop, but they were 40 minutes late so it was hard to keep Tom distracted for that time! I think I looked rather suspicious as I kept looking round and checking my phone. In the end I told him there was a photobooth nearby so we went looking for it and when we emerged from taking our photos his friends appeared. Tom looked so baffled, it was great!

Berlin was so different in the sunshine, as my first visit had been in the bitter cold winter. It's a perfect city for cycling so I was sad we didn't have time to hop on a bike, but we did do a LOT of walking and it was wonderful to explore Kreuzberg where we were staying, and stroll through the huge Tiergarten in the centre of town. We also narrowly missed seeing President Obama, who was doing a speech at the Brandenberg Gate the day we flew home. I can't wait to return to Berlin and explore the city more.

 Bears are everywhere in this city...

 And watch out for the sparrows who are very tame indeed



  1. I love Berlin and have been a few times but still have so much more on my must see list. I liked seeing your pics. It's such a cool place to visit!

    1. It is. 3 days just wasn't long enough!

  2. Looks like you had a fab time! So different to the rain when I was there at the end of May - I want to go in the sunshine now, a shame you can't book the weather when you book your flights :)

  3. Brilliant! I would love to visit Berlin. And what a great surprise, his friends being there, too!

  4. Yay looks like you had a great time! Well done on the surprise preparations for Tom - very impressive! I think we would go photobooth crazy there!

  5. looks so fun! I'd to love to visit someday:)


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