Sunday, 9 June 2013

Summer Reading | 3 good books

Here's a few good books I have enjoyed lately..

1. Relish by Lucy Knisley
I was looking forward to reading Knisely's latest graphic novel, after discovering her work through French Milk, a travel diary of the trip she took to Paris with her mother. Relish focuses on one of my true loves; food. Lucy talks about snippets of her life and their connection to what was cooking, and even includes a few illustrated recipes for everything from cookies to sushi. Definitely a good book for any food lovers out there.

2. Wonder by RJ Palacio
This was recommended to me by Janet, and I really enjoyed it. I actually had a little trouble finding it in Waterstones, as I didn't realise it was hidden upstairs amongst the teen fiction. Wonder is a story about a young boy called August with a disfigured face, and his first experiences at middle school. Each chapter is told from the viewpoint of a different character which makes for an interesting read, though August was by far my favourite.

3. Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle
Having read his previous book all about North Korea, I was keen to read Delisle's tales about living in the mysterious country of Burma. Guy Delisle is a graphic novelist and animator who lived in Burma for a year while his wife was working there for a charitable NGO. It's an interesting and often funny travelogue about a country where newspapers are routinely censored and nothing is quite as it seems.


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