Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Just a minute | June

Wow, so it's June already! The year is going crazily fast. This week it's Tom's birthday and we are off on a 'secret' trip this weekend to celebrate. Will share more on our return! The picture above was taken on Saturday when Tom decided to dress up as a ghost at an event I was working at called the Hemlock Happening. It amused me! Other than that the month so far has consisted of...

Watching | Breaking Bad (season 1, we are quite far behind most people!), Girls (just finished the second season, it got quite disturbing in parts but I did really enjoy it), Louis CK

Listening | to lots of Paul McCartney. Ahem. I got quite a few old records for my birthday which was great and was somehow given two McCartney solo albums and a Wings single... there's some pretty weird but great songs!

Drawing | My comic about turning 30.. i just need to finish the conclusion (whatever it will be...)

Reading | The books in the post below!

Buying | tickets to see Deerhoof here soon

Choosing | A new camera after my beloved (and pretty much new) Fujifilm X10 suddenly stopped working. Luckily I had it insured when I bought it from (the now defunct) Jessops so I have a voucher to replace it. Always get insurance people!

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