Friday, 14 June 2013

Film Friday: Sleepwalk with Me

I first heard about this film via the podcast This American Life, as its host Ira Glass wrote the screenplay, and the director and star of the film Mike Birbiglia also appears on the show from time to time too.

Sleepwalk with Me tells the story of 30-something bartender Matt who has decided to follow his dream and  try his luck at becoming a stand-up comedian. He is at a crossroads in his relationship with his girlfriend who is keen to get married. Add to this the fact that Matt suffers from extreme bouts of sleepwalking - which causes him at one point to hurl himself through a window. I really enjoyed this film, and would certainly recommend you search it out (and watch out for Ira's cameo, as well as a cameo from 'Ray' from Girls.)

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