Monday, 3 June 2013

A photo an hour - Sunday

 10am-11am Wake up to a sunny day

 11am - 12noon I make a veggie fry-up (the night before was spent at a beer festival in Ruddington so this is very welcome!) and we watch old episodes of Fawlty Towers

 12noon - 1pm We plan out a trip to Bunny Woods to have a picnic

1pm- 2pm Tom practises some tunes

 2pm - 3pm We pick up our friend Lorna and head off to find the perfect field for a picnic..

 ...probably not this one!

3pm - 4pm We eat our picnic and meet this friendly chap..

 4pm - 5pm Being in the countryside is grrrreat!

 5pm - 6pm We head home and get ready for dinner

7pm - 8pm Our friends in Forest Fields make a delicious sushi meal for us (including feta for vegetarians, which actually worked pretty well!)


  1. That looks like an amazing Sunday: I especially like how much of the day revolved around food. That's my kind of day!

  2. I adore the picture in the tall grass! Glad you had a fun day. Picnics are always great.


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