Monday, 6 May 2013

Things I still haven't mastered by the age of 29

As my 30th is approaching I've been thinking about seemingly 'adult' skills I should have picked up by now, and those I have yet to master. Here's a few that still need work..

1. How to apply make-up with proper brushes
2. How to walk in heels (although I don't actually own any)
3. The art of small talk
4. Knowing what to write in wedding cards (same goes for expectant mother cards!)
5. Whether or not it's safe to reheat rice
6. Sports
7. How to react to compliments
8. Anything to do with pensions/mortgages (eep!)
9. How to make the perfect omelette
10. How to stop biting my nails

Anyone got any of their own to add, to make me feel better? ;-)


  1. Walking in heels (even standing in them, come to think of it) and applying make-up properly are things I've also yet to master - and doubt I will.

    However, I do know never to re-heat rice.

    I should also probably start thinking about pensions - and conquer my fear of the oven (I've never used one!)

    1. Wow, think of all the oven based possibilities :)

  2. A very good list. Heels still mystify me and I am still unsure about the rules of reheating rice. I could add how to apply liquid eyeliner for me! I can never get it right and everyone else makes it look so easy!

    1. Yes me too! I usually go for the pencil option..

  3. No heels here either and I still allow myself to bite my thumb nails. I can't change a fuse or ration sweets. Xx

    1. Yeah actually for me it's mainly my thumbnails i've rationed down to biting as well!

  4. - Ironing
    - Remembering people's birthdays
    - Knowing what to say when people die
    - Waking up and going to bed at normal times

    In fact, I'm going to write my version of this. I'm close to 30 too! I will link you when I'm done ;)

  5. I turned 30 last year and it doesn't get any better!

    I still have no idea about the whole reheating rice conundrum and also can't apply my make-up with anything other than my fingers.

    I'd add to the list:
    keeping my house tidy, clean and decluttered
    styling my hair properly
    clicking my fingers
    keeping plants alive
    feeling like a grown-up!

    :-) x

  6. Oh my, I'm the same and I'm 33!Awkward is my middle name : )

  7. Great list! I haven't bitten my nails in about three months and I never thought I'd be able to break the habit. I just obsessively paint them (with lots of coats so they don't chip) and that helped! I was sure I'd be stuck with that one for life.

    I too find cards tediously difficult to think of what to write in (sometimes I actually look up ideas online!) and am only just now learning a little about mortgages as we found a house we might like to buy (the terminology is still very confusing though!). I'd like to be able to walk in heels properly too, but I don't think I'll ever be bothered.

    I have not mastered the ability to put my clothes away - I put away one basket and then two weeks and a couple more baskets later, there are big piles all over my floor.

    I guess these qualities keep us young at heart!


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