Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lovely Links

New College Nottingham student Nikki Charlesworth successfully yarn-bombed the Left Lion recently here in Nottingham, you can see her work in the video above. Ace!

George Orwell's rules on how to make a perfect cup of tea "One strong cup of tea is equal to twenty weak ones" (And I agree with him that milk should always go in last!)

A selection of writers and artist tell The Guardian the role photography has played in their lives

A couple of years ago I did a series of posts entitled 'what's on your bookshelf?' It's Nice That do a similar series showcasing the fave books on the shelves of designers & artists. The archive is here.

GeoGuessr is a fun game in which you have to guess where you are from your surroundings - have a go, it's slightly addictive.

These Lego album covers are pretty funky, can you identify them? Via the Telegraph.


  1. Completely with you on the addictive properties of geoguessr :) xx

  2. Saw this yarnbomb in action - very inspiring!


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