Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Just a minute | May

This month I have mostly been..

Reading Stuart, A Life Backwards

Listening to the new Kurt Vile album

Enjoying the sunshine (which seems to have disappeared today, bah..)

Watching ...I have run out of boxsets, so am waiting excitedly for Girls season 2!

Buying mosquito repellent, sun-cream and flip flops for my holiday to Turkey

Looking after Tom's dad's sweet little dog Pip (above) while they were away

Posting my zines to another creative blogger for a zine swap, hurrah!

Driving electric cars during a super fun Scalextric match in the Racing Room in the Dragon pub. (It's amazing as they've built a mini Nottingham town surrounding the track. Sadly my camera died that day and I didn't have chance to photograph it!)

Has anyone got any good 'holiday' book recommendations by the way? I'm going to see if the library has a copy of IQ84 but any other recommendations would be great!


  1. Have you seen the film of Stuart, A Life Backwards? Sad, but good. Tom Hardy and Benerdict Cumberbatch are both excellent in it.

    Holiday reads, hmmm... I read Gone Girl lately which was pretty enteraining. The Innocent is my most recently read Ian McEwan, set in Berlin after WW2. Me and my housemate both enjoyed, although there is one really grizzly bit so not a light hearted holiday read!

    1. Oh i didn't realise there was a film made, would be interesting to see how they told the story, thanks for letting me know! Thanks for the book recommendations too, The Innocent sounds good!

  2. Pip is so cute! I am loving The Mindy project right now and think I will start re watching Arrested Development soon before the new season starts. I have just got all the Moomin books on my kindle so looking forward to reading them!

    1. Oh cool i'll have to check out the Mindy Project! Would love to read the Moomin books too.

  3. Good holiday reads, to me, are books that are gripping but not too demanding. Recently, I've enjoyed Just Kids by Patti Smith, Wonder by RJ Palacio, The Submission by Amy Waldman, A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and can second the recommend for Gone Girl. Enjoy your holiday!

    1. Wonder sounds brilliant! will hunt it out x


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