Saturday, 4 May 2013

Five Blogs I Love

in the Hard to Find Cafe

Some of my favourite bloggers are doing a blog challenge this month to blog every day in May. I decided this would prove a bit tricky for me as I'm on holiday for a quarter of the month but some of the subjects are great so I might pick and choose from them as the month goes on! Today's is to choose 5 blogs you love. I have lots of inspirational blogs I like to read so it is hard to choose just five, but the following ones are the blogs I get happiest about whenever there's a new post!

1. Like a Skeleton Key
It is actually Bee's birthday today (happy b-day!) so I thought it was appropriate to pop her lovely blog in the first spot. Bee has a wonderful down-to-earth style of writing, and reading about her recent travels in New York and LA has given me serious wanderlust. Not to mention her descriptions of various eateries which make my stomach rumble!

2. That Kate
Kate's photos are always a delight to look through and I love reading about all the special places she visits.

3. Words that can only be your own
Janet's blog has become a firm favourite of mine. Janet writes about a range of topics like books, music and crafts and her blog is never boring.

4. For Me, For You
Another blog I love partly for the beautiful photos, Kate Miss is a designer and jewelry maker living in Los Angeles and has a knack for sharing great music, recipes and other design related topics. Her recent photos of the desert really made me want to travel there too.

5. Goodnight Little Spoon
You can always count on Bianca to make inspiring and creative posts. This lady has many talents, including painting and collage and is currently expecting her first child.


  1. Thanks so much for the mention Laura :)

  2. Aww, thanks Laura! I love that comment about being happy when there's a new post- it's definitely how I feel about Make Do & Mend because I know it'll always be an interesting post to read or lovely photos to look at (or both!).

  3. Aw, thanks lady! I come to your blog for the same reasons! I've actually been feeling quite uninspired and uncreative lately! I never thought having an overabundance of free time could be so limiting! Soon I'll be rueing having said that I'm sure! Will have to have a squiz at the other blogs you mentioned which are all new to me, based on your descriptions they sound awesome!


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