Monday, 20 May 2013

29 Before 30: How I did

Above: me celebrating my birthday on holiday (and Tom's hand holding a beer!)

Yesterday I got back from a lovely week in Turkey where I celebrated turning 30 with some friends. I had a wonderful time and will share some more snippets from my holiday this week.

Last year I wrote a list of 29 things I wanted to achieve before this milestone (?) birthday. So, here's how I did. (Note - I deliberately made the list fun rather than excruciating! No marathons for me!)

1. Finish making the travel zines Done!
2. Find a lovely new job - this was the most important one on my list. After being made redundant last year I was stuck in a temp job and searching for something in the arts sector. I managed to find my current job  in a lovely theatre a month after writing this list, and have now been there six month, hurrah!
3. Visit Manchester's Christmas market - oops, didn't achieve this one but I did have a wander round Sheffield's Christmas market instead
4. Save enough money to buy a camper van for an exciting trip! - Not quite there yet!
5. Open an etsy shop - Done!
6. Draw more portraits for people - Just before Christmas I sold some portrait orders via my shop.
7. Cycle my bike more - now I have a new bike which allows me to cycle UP hills! 
8. Print out more photos to put into albums - need to do this!
9. Spend a night at my Nan's house, and watch an old film with her - another one I still need to do!
10. Improve my skills on the ukulele - I get easily distracted and have now transferred my musical love to the piano and back to the old faithful guitar
11. Make more handmade gifts for people instead of buying them - I need to get back into crafting
12. Hold a craft night with friends
13. Learn a new recipe 
14. Volunteer more at the New Art Exchange - after getting my new job I haven't had as much time to volunteer as I'd like.
15. Visit the new Bowie exhibition at the V&A - it's all sold out, damn!
16. Go to a zine fair - there's a comic festival called Thought Bubble in Leeds this November that Jeffrey Brown will be at, fingers crossed I can go!
17. Sell more things I don't use on eBay
18. Sell some zines!
19. Try out Nottingham's new patisserie for fancy cake and tea - not yet, though I did discover another new tea-shop, i might post a round up of my fave Notts cafes soon
20. Discover a new band  - I will tick this off after discovering the charms of Kurt Vile and enjoying some songs by Macklemore but I'm still in need of new music inspiration!
21. Finish my 50 Strangers photo project (I seem to have hit a hurdle now after person 31)
22. Hang out with my brother more  - hmm this is tricky as he is always quite busy but i did spend a fun night with him at the cinema and hope to go for a meal soon to catch up
23. Read another classic novel - although I haven't read any classics lately I have got back into reading more
24. Hold a Halloween film-night with added ghost stories
25. Send a drawing to my cousin
26. Go an autumn walk through Wollaton Park (and visit my favourite tree!) - I went this spring and it was beautiful
27. Do more freelance work
28. Visit Scotland - not yet but maybe later in the year
29. Travel to somewhere exciting to spend my birthday - achieved, yesss!

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  1. 15. Visit the new Bowie exhibition at the V&A - it's all sold out, damn!

    It isn't sold out! Well, only online - you can still get tickets from the V&A on the day or in advance (I had to trek over there to pick some up for my boyfriends birthday and was able to buy a week ahead). The only problem is that they're timed so if you came down for the day, there would be no guarantee you'd get the time slot you want, but I just thought I'd let you know :) xx


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