Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lovely Links

Some links to cheer up your April...

A giant polaroid in the street catches people's smiles via SoulPancake (there are lots of other nice videos on this network, run by Rainn Wilson aka Dwight from the American Office)

How to lose yourself in Paris via Messy Nessy Chic

Where to get inspiration via Pikaland

Becky made these brilliant little 'yokai' or crocheted Japanese monsters. They're very cute and each has its own story!

I'm going to go eyebombing. Yes.

Illustrator Giulia Sagramola shows how she makes hand-made stamps. I need to try this.

Bethel's crocheted yarn bombs do indeed rock! (*I also love how this lady pronounces crochet to rhyme with kosher..)  via Got a Girl Crush



  1. What a conincidence - I was just this week thinking about buying some googly eyes!

  2. Oh man, I love how she says crochet too, amazing!

  3. Eye bombing? Don't you mean vadaleyes? Haha

  4. Such a good set of links. Thanks for having my yokai in there too!

  5. Oh wow, thanks for sharing that Soul Pancake video!! Such an awesome installation/idea. If you like eyebombing, you might want to check out my giant googly eyes: http://www.maryhassound.com/2013/04/giant-googly-eyes.html


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