Friday, 5 April 2013

Film Friday: Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion

Usually our TV is reserved for computer games or watching box-sets of The Wire (which I've gradually become rather addicted to). But last Sunday whilst Tom was out I decided to seize the opportunity to watch a nice girly film. I hadn't seen Romy & Michelle in years (I used to have it on VHS) and it was good to rewatch it, for all its colourful outfits and rocking 80s soundtrack. And after watching it, I did feel obliged to Google the inventor of Post Its..


  1. Oh I love this! Haven't seen it for years!

  2. Ack, The Wire! I watched it like mad when I was at uni in Cornwall, so now it will be forever linked in my mind with England, haha! I have all 5 seasons, but have only watched 1 & 2--it takes a little while to really get into it, doesn't it? I'm still trying to fall completely in love with it, but I think when I start it up again I will. And I love how hilarious it is to see them using all the super old technology, which was cutting edge at the time it was filmed...

    1. Haha! Tom loves the Wire and it took me a while to get into it too, just finished season 3 which was really good. The characters have grown on me over time! And yes it's pretty funny in the first season how they're all using payphones & pagers and in the second someone buys a digital camera and they're all amazed by it.


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