Friday, 19 April 2013

Film Friday: The Future

I'd been waiting a while to watch The Future, as I didn't manage to see it when it was on at the cinema. I really like Miranda July, and enjoyed Me You & Everyone We Know several years ago. The Future revolves around a couple who adopt a (talking) cat, and this changes the way they view their world. The film started off well, as the couple decided to cancel their internet and quit their jobs to live more free lives for 30 days. However the talking cat moments started to grate on me a little and I only managed to get through two thirds of the film before losing interest. What did other people make of it I wonder? Should I have persevered?


  1. You should have persevered! I thought it was an incredible film, really inspiring and more than a little heartbreaking. I can see why some people don't get on with her films but this one really affected me in a way that most films don't.

  2. I didn't like it quite as much as the other film of hers but I did enjoy it. Think you should give it another go! (I liked the croaky cat voice) :)

  3. Ok i may finish the rest of the film later! (And i do admire Miranda July's hair..)


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