Friday, 26 April 2013

Film Friday: Abigail's Party

I recently watched Abigail's Party for the first time, and really enjoyed it. I'd seen and loved Nuts in May, another film directed by Mike Leigh for the BBC's 'Play for Today' series, but barely recognised the lead actor who also stars in Abigail's Party, Alison Steadman. Her character was so different in both roles - which proves how talented she is! Would definitely recommend a viewing of Abigail's Party if you haven't seen it. (You can watch it here.) It has some very funny moments amongst all the social awkwardness. And be warned, it may leave you craving a gin & tonic or two!


  1. I love most Mike Leigh films but its Nuts In May for me....kiss Prudence!

  2. That's Alison Steadman? Yup, different! I really liked Another Year, it's not a particularly exciting movie but it left an impression somehow :)

    1. Oh me too, i remember watching that when it came out.


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