Sunday, 7 April 2013

8 reasons to love Nottingham

I have lived in Nottingham for almost seven years now and although I love visiting new cities there are lots of reasons why Nottingham is a great place to live. I enjoyed reading Sally's reasons to love London I thought I'd write a list of my own for the fair city of Nottingham (without even a mention of Robin Hood!).

1. Cinemas galore
As well as the multiplexes there are three independent cinemas here. The Broadway is a brilliant place to meet up, and shows a wide range of independent and foreign films. They do darn good pizzas too and their quiz nights are pretty fun (although can be very tough!). The Savoy Cinema is a lovely old-fashioned cinema on Derby Rd which a lot of Nottingham-folks claim never to have been to (why?!). It's a great building and I'd definitely recommend a trip there if you're in Notts. There's also the brilliant Kneel Before Zod movie nights, who specialise in showing B-movies and other rarities.

2. Hockley
Hockley is the 'arty' side of town and is home to independent shops and nice cafes, like Lee Rosy's tea shop, Edin's and the Jam Cafe. I always enjoy walking through this part of town and the nearby Lace Market is such a pretty area to explore.

3. The people
After moving here for my first job post-uni I have met so many friendly folks that it would make moving away pretty hard. Nottingham is home to two universities and I know lots of people who've stayed here after graduating which is further proof of the city's appeal.

4. The Left Lion
As well as being the traditional spot for meeting up with friends, LeftLion is a free home-produced magazine which is always fun to read and full of interviews with creative types from around the city.

5. The pubs
I often forget that Nottingham is actually filled with great pubs. From the Malt Cross, the Roundhouse, the Hand & Heart and the Organ Grinder on Canning Circus, you're never far from a cosy pub.

6. The Park
I've mentioned the Park before on here - it's an area situated near Nottingham Castle (which isn't really a castle..but hey!) full of pretty houses, old fashioned street lamps and a posh tennis court. And not forgetting the Park Tunnel, (above) which is pretty amazing to stumble across.

7. Wollaton Park
A slightly different park, Wollaton Hall & Park is situated a short bike ride from the city centre and is home to deer, a stuffed gorilla and most recently, Bruce Wayne.

8. It's only a stone's throw from the Peak District (not forgetting my glorious home town of Derby!)



  1. I love it! So glad my little post inspired you to do your own! I went to uni in Nottingham incidentally. I bet it's changed a lot since 2004 but I'd love to go back :) xxx

  2. Fab post! I might have to do my own version, although a couple of things will be the same. :)

    The Park tunnel is awesome, although scary at night!

    1. It is! Yes do your own list, would love to read it.x

  3. My Mum is from Nottingham but I never truly enjoyed it there until Thomas went to Uni there and it really is a great place

  4. How strange... I am in the process of putting together a very similar post for Leicester! Great minds think alike.


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