Wednesday, 6 March 2013

My 1000th post - 5 years of blogging

I started this blog five years ago, back in February 2008. At the time, me and my workmate Christina had been reading inspirational blogs such as Design Sponge and Print Pattern, and decided we'd challenge ourselves to make our own, showcasing our design inspirations. Since then my blog has been a great source of ideas for me and has grown into something that holds so many good memories from the past five years. I remember when I first started writing on here, I felt slightly embarrassed to be a 'blogger' and kept it a secret from most people I knew. However as the years have gone by I've become a lot more confident about sharing my blog with family and friends, and it's been such a great way to connect with other bloggers from places near and far.

Since this marks my 1000th post I thought I'd round up of some of my favourite posts from the past five years.

1. My first ever post.. not the most interesting perhaps, but ah.. nostalgia.
2. Still my favourite charity shop find.
3. I interviewed illustrator Gemma Correll back in 2009: parts 1 & 2.
4. I opened up some pages from my travel journal in 2010 (bits of which later inspired my travel zines!)
5. In 2010 I sent a travelling sketchbook to some lovely blog readers round the world, asking them to draw inside what they did the day it arrived. In January 2011 it made its way back to me. The pages inside are beautiful, have a look here.
6. Some photos from when Tom & I first moved into the Convent together
7. In May 2011 I shared what's on my bookshelf..
8. In June 2011 Tom and I decided to have regular blackout nights, and turned off all sources off electricity, no phones laptops or TV. Bliss.
9. In August 2011 Tom and I took some very spooky photos in The Convent...
10. And in November 2011 I shared a comic made for my grandmother when she moved out of her home that she'd lived in for nearly 60 years.

Thanks to anyone who's read my blog over the past few years or left lovely comments. Laura x


  1. 1000! Wozer! Well done at keeping at it so long. I am only around the 350 post mark at the mo, so quite a way to go yet. Hopefully I'll still be blogging three years from now!

    1. Thanks Jess! I know, i was quite surprised to see i'd reached 1000 too! x

  2. Funny that you should post this today - I'm just finishing off my second blog birthday post!

    You've done amazingly well to keep going for five years and to keep the quality and variety up. Here's to another five!

  3. Having just started blogging it's a relief to hear that I am not alone in feeling a bit weird about telling friends and family about it. Daft really.

  4. Yay, congratulations :)

    Loved taking a look at your favourite posts. That travelling sketchbook is amazing, and I love your travel journal too!

  5. Your travel sketchbook is absolutely wonderful! I've enjoyed seeing some of your favourite older posts, too.

  6. I will be at 4 years this August - blogging time goes so fast! I have to start blackout nights, such a good idea to have a break from all things electric! It's always great to see what films you have been watching and your thoughts on them! I enjoy your blog very much so here's to many more wonderful blogging years Laura!

    1. It does! Ah thanks Kate, your blog is always an inspiration to me, so here's to many more years of blogging for both of us :)

  7. Congrats! 1000/5 years is a great accomplishment. Keep it up!

  8. Yeay happy blogging! My blog was 4 this year - its scary how fast its gone and I started reading Design Sponge and Print Pattern. Its actually scary how much blogging has changed too. Heres to 5 more years!

  9. Wow 1000 posts and 5 years! Congratulations!

  10. Happy blog birthday! I love you travel journal. Me and my boyfriend are just putting the finishing touches to our first - but I really like the style of yours and wish I could sketch! It's a really nice touch!


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