Friday, 8 March 2013

Film Friday: Bill Cunningham New York

I'm so glad I finally had the pleasure of watching this documentary, all about New York photographer Bill Cunningham. Now in his eighties, he has been cycling around New York documenting street fashion ever since he was a young man.

It's astonishing to see just how passionate he is about capturing real people, and his warmth seems to charm everyone he photographs. Just how he still has the energy to cycle around one of the busiest cities in the world is beyond me (and he admits he's had 28 bikes stolen over the years). We glimpse the inside of his apartment where his tiny bed is surrounded by filing cabinets containing all the photos he's ever taken. As the film goes on you can see how his work is his true love, and later on there is a sad moment when he reflects on how he's never had an intimate relationship. But he seems to find such pleasure in his photography. As Bill says in the film, "he who seeks beauty, will find it."


  1. Adding it to my watchlist. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Oh I have this on my V+ box so will definitely watch it soon!


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