Saturday, 2 March 2013

#52 Lists: Suburbs i have lived in

(I am doing these lists in a slightly random order, but hey ho!)

1. Normanton, Derby
Normanton gets a bad rep from some people in Derby as I suppose it's a bit of a deprived area. However I enjoyed growing up there as it's so multicultural, lively and down to earth. I liked growing up in a terraced house with a real fire, although there are a few bad memories that stand out in my mind, like looking through my window to see a boy in our garden smashing up the garden gnome I'd won at the school fair.. this still makes me sad!

2. Spring Bank, Hull
When I was a student I lived in a shared house in the rather dodgy area of Spring Bank. Not as nice as the cobbled streets where my halls of residence were the previous year, but it had a certain character!

3. Hockley, Nottingham
When I got my first job I moved to a shared little house in Hockley, in the centre of town here. I enjoyed the years I spent there and met some interesting housemates. Although it could be very loud on weeknights living so close to bars and we'd sometimes have people throwing up in front of our house. Nice.

4. The Park, Nottingham
The Park was recently dubbed the 'Beverley Hills' of Nottingham by The Guardian.. I don't know about that but Hugh Grant was once a resident and it is a lovely quiet area with old fashioned street lamps to light the way at night. The only problem was I didn't really feel a sense of 'community' when I lived there and some of the residents could be a little unwelcoming.

Now I live in a very central area but have the best of both worlds as its quiet and we have a lovely view from our window. Maybe one day I'll move out to the country but for now this feels like home.

Bonus list - Cities i wouldn't mind living in: Bristol, Manchester, Bath, Brighton, Amsterdam... how about you?


  1. Nottingham is a great city :-) I've lived in Basford (didn't enjoy), Lacemarket (LOVED) and Mapperley Park (also loved).

    The Park always looks so lovely lit up at night, though I can imagine it could be a little unwelcoming! I do fancy trying Hockley!

    Jem xXx

    1. Tom used to live in Mapperley Park too and i really liked it up there. Hockley is so central, its great being so near to everything! But yes it can be a little loud at night as the bars stay open so late even during weeknights x

  2. This is an interesting list! I don't know Nottingham all that well, but I popped down for several gigs at The Rock City in my teens. My nanna lives in Nottinghamshire, but quite far from the city.

    I'm not sure where else I'd fancy living. I had to leave London three months ago and move back to Derbyshire, and I really miss it and wish I were still there - so I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else. Maybe Edinburgh, or somewhere near the sea would be nice.

    1. I really need to visit Edinburgh! Yes somewhere near the sea would be lovely too.

  3. I lived in The Park for a few months. :) It was so peaceful and I loved all the green, but it was annoying having to walk 15 mins to get to any shops if we only needed milk or something. So far, I much prefer living in Sherwood, even if I do have to take the bus now to get to the city centre. I keep hearing good things about Mapperley Park - think I'd consider looking there if we want to move again! :)

  4. I used to live in Lenton - which doesn't have the most wonderful reputation

    Sometimes I used to walk through The Park to get home - it was odd at night because the gas lighting meant that it was quite dark, but I felt pretty safe - whereas in Lenton the street lamps were crazy bright, but there was a reason why!

    Funny how just a few streets difference can make all the difference!

    1. True! Also the prices in the Park are so much higher than the surrounding areas, you get a lot more space for your buck in Lenton i think!

  5. Yay! I've just found your blog and love it :D. I lived in Nottingham for a couple of years, loved Rock City, the alley cafe, wollaton park and a bar that has loads of board games in well as COW vintage!
    I lived near Mapperley, Carlton and Bestwood. There are some great places aren't there? Hoping to move back some point in the near future. xx

    1. Hello, thanks for commenting! Alley Cafe is good yep, and now COW vintage has expanded into a big premises! I might do a little Nottingham guide soon actually so watch this space :)


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