Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top 5 - Unusual hotels around the world

Whilst staying at the Artist Residence hotel in Brighton last weekend (where many of the rooms are decorated by all sorts of arty folk) I started wondering about other quirky hotels around the world, so thought I'd round up some favourites here.

Starting off with...

1. The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA
Ever wondered what it's like to stay inside the world's biggest beagle?!  This amazing dog hotel was built by husband and wife artists Dennis & Frances whose big break came when QVC featured their folk-art style dog carvings. Their popularity meant the couple had the finances to build their amazing B&B

2. Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida USA
A hotel that lets you quite literally sleep amongst the fishes, to stay here you have to complete a short diving course first. There are some great pictures on their website here of people eating pizza, relaxing and er.. doing their taxes underwater.

3. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall UK
I really want to stay in this tree-house on the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall. It looks so cosy up there - although I reckon it might get a bit drafty!

4. The Scout Hall, Isle of Wight UK
If you felt the urge to dip into the world of Moonrise Kingdom then this is the place for you. Decked out with vintage furniture (I'd recommend a browse through the interior photos), it looks like a truly wonderful place to stay.

5. Les Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium
You may think you've stepped into a Brothers Grimm fairytale if you decide to stay at this imaginative hotel in Belgium. The interior includes twinkly lights and a sail boat where you can sleep on the 3rd floor.


  1. These five hotels look great! On my list is the Pantone hotel in Brussels and this place Its a bit daft having a caravan indoors, but thats the point!

    1. Oh yeah i saw the Pantone hotel. Ah that caravan place looks cute too!

  2. They all look so interesting, especially that underwater hotel!

  3. These are so unusual - the last one in particular!


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