Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The best of Brighton - a mini guide

Breakfast at Billie's

Tom and I managed to fit quite a lot into our weekend in Brighton so I thought I'd share a few nice places we discovered whilst there for anyone thinking of visiting.


A friend of ours recommended the breakfast at Billie's Cafe so we stopped by as soon as we arrived in Brighton. We weren't disappointed! On offer were these huge farmhouse hash breakfasts - my veggie one was a mish-mash of veg sausage, beans, onions and potatoes all topped off with a fried egg and melted cheese. Amazing and very filling!

On the Sunday we went for a wander round the North Laine area and happened upon La Choza (above), a cute little Mexican cafe. The inside was so bright and colourful it really cheered me up on a rainy day. I ate a veggie burrito with feta and roasted butternut squash which was delicious - I'm going to try and recreate it myself at home!

We also went for a hot chocolate in a place called The Marwood, which prizes itself on providing 'kick arse coffee and life changing cake' - the hot chocolates we had were certainly great and the place itself was very fun and quirky.

Also: we very nearly went for sausage & mash at the Shakespeare's Head pub. They have so many varieties on offer it's known as the 'bangers & mash pub' and comes highly recommended.


There are so many good ale pubs in Brighton, we didn't have time to visit them all but the following came recommended: The Globe, the Hop Poles, the Fishbowl, The Fiddler's Elbow and the Lion and Lobster.

Later in the night we went to The Mesmerist (above) a bar and club situated in the Lanes. As the night wore on more and more people started dancing downstairs to rock & roll and swing records, it was a very lively place indeed. They even have a hairdressing salon upstairs to give visitors a retro 'do.


Photobooth at Snooper's Paradise

The Lanes are famous as the area to visit if you want to shop. There are some lovely places there, including one of my favourite shops Joy, that sells pretty dresses. On Sunday we headed to the North Laine area to find Snooper's Paradise, a huge vintage mall selling everything you could dream of, from books to clothes and knick knacks galore. There's also a photobooth (I always look out for them!) you can visit for £3. Although it's not a vintage one, the photos are still printed black & white. The surrounding area is great to explore and we came across a lovely comic shop, toy camera store and lots of amazing stationery and gift shops there too.

Above: Exploring the Lanes

Where we stayed: The George IV, part of the Artist Residence hotel, where I was excited to find they did halloumi & mushrooms on toast for breakfast! Huzzah.


  1. Well, you've pretty much highlighted some of my favourite places in town! ALthough, I must say Marwoods is not my top coffee place to visit In Brighton. I guess that's just a reflection of how many good places there are! I love Temptation and Ethels (although Ethel's is Hove!), the mock turtle for tea! xxx

    1. There did seem to be lots of nice looking cafes around yep! You are lucky to have such a good choice, i'll have to visit those next time i visit :)

  2. I've lived in Brighton since October and haven't made it to Bill's for breakfast yet. We've got four days before we move back to Edinburgh so I'll add that to the list of things to do!
    Lion & Lobster is a great pub, and the food upstairs is brilliant. Other good bars are The Bee's Mouth on Western Road and Brighton Rocks in Kemptown. We love to eat at Pompoko, a tiny, cheap and very good Japanese place opposite Brighton Dome.
    The best coffee I've had in Brighton comes from the (handsome, handsome, handsome) guys who run the coffee van outside the train station in the mornings.

  3. Breakfast at Billie's looks amazing! A photobooth in Snooper's Paradise - so happy you alerted me to this! Brighton is so great!

  4. Brighton looks like a nice place and a fun time.

  5. That breakfast looks sooo good! I always mean to go to Brighton more - it's so easy to get to from London but me and Ben have only visited once!

  6. Hi Laura,

    I like this article, maybe you could write one about Whitstable, we moved their recently to build renovate a wee terraced house. Its a great little place in Kent with loads of Charity Shops and retro specialists, the foodie scene is hot too. What do you think?



    1. Hi Paul! Whitstable looks lovely, i'll add it to my 'to visit' list :)


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