Monday, 18 February 2013

Let's swap zines!

Last month I had a message from Windowfog on Etsy asking if I'd like to do a little zine swap with her. Her mini handmade zines cover topics such as stargazing tips, soundtracks, travel and food cravings. Of course I said yes and sent two of my travel zines to her in return for hers. It was a lovely way to discover new zines, so I thought I'd ask if any other zine makers out there want to trade? On offer is a choice of travel zines, one about mine & Tom's trip to Chicago in October 2011, the other about our holiday in the fascinating town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. They are split into two sections, one from my travel journal, the other from Tom's comic sketchbook (page above from Tom's pages on Chicago).

If you're a zine maker too drop me a line or leave a comment below and we can do a swap. We are also in the midst of our third travel zine, all about adventures in Holland so watch this space for that one!


  1. Ohh I'd love to do this! I have been starting to make tiny little zines mostly for myself to keep a collection of things I like (the topics include "hot flowers", "hamburgers", "funny german words and tired cats", "german sayings", "people who put stickers on their faces", "cool animals", etc) they aren't terribly fancy, but maybe you would still like to trade them some time! xoxo

    1. Hey, that sounds great! Am especially keen to read the funny german words one hehe. Let me know when you're done and we can swap x


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