Monday, 11 February 2013

Handmade Valentine's ideas

If, like me you're rather cynical about Valentine's Day, you may prefer to avoid the commercialism and overpriced Valentine's menus in favour of something a little more personal. I always find it far preferable to make something unique and handmade instead. If you're not currently with someone it can still be nice to make a card or gift for a best friend or even your Nan (mine used to send me Thorntons chocolates on Valentine's Day without fail every year when I was younger!) So here's a little round up of a few handmade ideas I found..

Flip books are fun no matter how old you are! Etsy has shared this simple & quick tutorial to make your own.

Let's face it, pizza is always a good idea! Tom and i attempted to make a heart shaped one a few years ago and although it turned out to be more cloud-like than heart shaped it still tasted pretty good!

Cos mixtapes are the best and leave you with happy memories years later.

Why not leave a knitted heart in a public place for a stranger to find? Join One Sheepish Girl for a yarn bombing day and you might just make someone's day a bit happier.

And for those of you still in an anti-Valentine state of mind, check out these mean cards from the 1800s, known as Vinegar Valentine's. Eep!


  1. Great gift ideas! I'm a bit cynical about Valentine's day too, but it's nice to have a day to think about making gifts for each other and spending some time together. Hope you have a lovely day! x

  2. I was just thinking I should have made more time to make crochet hearts this year and a pizza is actually a great idea too :)


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