Monday, 25 February 2013

Yorkshire tea

Last weekend we drove up to Yorkshire, to visit Tom's lovely grandparents who live in a place called Knaresborough. The sun came out and we had a brilliant walk through the pretty town, stopping in antiques shops along the way and finally taking in the amazing view from the ruined castle on the hill. The viaduct below, with trains passing along it was a real sight and we loved spotting the Trompe-loeil paintings in various windows along the way (see bottom photo). We came home very full after being given lots of scumptious home cooked food; fish and chips, trifle, cake, cups of tea and fresh pancakes in the morning! A very relaxing weekend all in all. (Tom's grandfolks sometimes read this blog so just wanted to say a little hello to Teddy and Enid in case they are reading!)  


Friday, 22 February 2013

Film Friday: Before Sunrise

As there is now a third film in the series coming out, I decided to give the first two another watch beforehand, starting with the original, Before Sunrise

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are strangers who meet on a train and then spend 24 beautiful hours together in Vienna before deciding to part ways. They spend their time exploring the city, having their palm read and philosophizing about life. This is one of my favourite films, I love both characters and their portrayal of young love really rings true. It also makes me want to go inter-railing through Europe... one day!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A letter to my past self

I really enjoyed reading Sarah and Janet's posts recently looking back at ten year periods in their life, then looking forward to what's to come. And as I'm soon turning thirty I thought I'd join in too. (I find it hard writing personal posts so apologies if this is overly long and boring!)

May 1983
Little me was born! I had my own tiny room waiting for me, decorated in white and red Laura Ashley wallpaper in a terraced house in Derby. Pets included a cat called Pyewacket.

February 1993
When I was nine I had two best friends and constantly struggled to not feel like the third wheel. Magazines I read included Shout and Fast Forward (the advert for which seems amazingly dated now!). Favourite music included PJ & Duncan, Salt & Pepa and 2 Unlimited. I collected stickers, and song lyrics sheets from Smash Hits. Oh as well as orange smarties. My dream was to one day have a full tub of just the orange ones as these were obviously far superior to the rest. I made a school magazine/comic called Just Kids which my friends and I used to sell around school. When I grew up I thought it would be cool to become a children's book illustrator. Pets included a dog called Pud and a hamster called Cinnamon.

February 2003
It was my first year of university and a lot had changed in the last ten years. Although at first I was apprehensive about moving to uni in Hull it was a really good thing for me as I met lots of new people and felt a lot more independent. I was still pretty shy though and hated going to clubs but discovered an ace pub across the road with a great jukebox. In my second year I had my first proper break up and survived it by listening to PJ HarveyThe Postal Service a lot, reading books by Elizabeth Wurtzel and writing a zine called 'Highway to Hull' or something to that effect! Dreams at the time were of passing my degree and moving to somewhere a little prettier.

February 2013
After graduating I got my first job in Nottingham and moved here in 2007. When I first arrived I knew no one in Nottingham but by living with a mixture of housemates over the years got to know new people and now I really feel like it's my home. I am now living with a wonderful boy and have a job I really enjoy so I feel very lucky. I am still a bit unsure about grown-up things such as mortgages and having children however, and feel too young to think about such things, which I admit is fairly ridiculous at nearly 30. Does anyone else feel the same way? I hope in the next ten years I can explore more of the world, grow in my job path and most importantly, have the chance to once more own a dog!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Let's swap zines!

Last month I had a message from Windowfog on Etsy asking if I'd like to do a little zine swap with her. Her mini handmade zines cover topics such as stargazing tips, soundtracks, travel and food cravings. Of course I said yes and sent two of my travel zines to her in return for hers. It was a lovely way to discover new zines, so I thought I'd ask if any other zine makers out there want to trade? On offer is a choice of travel zines, one about mine & Tom's trip to Chicago in October 2011, the other about our holiday in the fascinating town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. They are split into two sections, one from my travel journal, the other from Tom's comic sketchbook (page above from Tom's pages on Chicago).

If you're a zine maker too drop me a line or leave a comment below and we can do a swap. We are also in the midst of our third travel zine, all about adventures in Holland so watch this space for that one!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pancakes - savoury or sweet?

Today is Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day in the UK. Which leads to one question, savoury or sweet... Or both?! Which do you prefer?


Stilton & spinach pancakes

Caramelised onion & cheese

Spinach & ricotta

Veggie Chinese pancakes

Vegan tomato & mushroom pancakes


Scotch pancakes with banana & maple syrup

Crepes suzette

Pancakes with chocolate sauce

Chocolate & orange pancakes

Blueberry & banana pancakes

Go forth and make pancakes!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Handmade Valentine's ideas

If, like me you're rather cynical about Valentine's Day, you may prefer to avoid the commercialism and overpriced Valentine's menus in favour of something a little more personal. I always find it far preferable to make something unique and handmade instead. If you're not currently with someone it can still be nice to make a card or gift for a best friend or even your Nan (mine used to send me Thorntons chocolates on Valentine's Day without fail every year when I was younger!) So here's a little round up of a few handmade ideas I found..

Flip books are fun no matter how old you are! Etsy has shared this simple & quick tutorial to make your own.

Let's face it, pizza is always a good idea! Tom and i attempted to make a heart shaped one a few years ago and although it turned out to be more cloud-like than heart shaped it still tasted pretty good!

Cos mixtapes are the best and leave you with happy memories years later.

Why not leave a knitted heart in a public place for a stranger to find? Join One Sheepish Girl for a yarn bombing day and you might just make someone's day a bit happier.

And for those of you still in an anti-Valentine state of mind, check out these mean cards from the 1800s, known as Vinegar Valentine's. Eep!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top 5 - Unusual hotels around the world

Whilst staying at the Artist Residence hotel in Brighton last weekend (where many of the rooms are decorated by all sorts of arty folk) I started wondering about other quirky hotels around the world, so thought I'd round up some favourites here.

Starting off with...

1. The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho USA
Ever wondered what it's like to stay inside the world's biggest beagle?!  This amazing dog hotel was built by husband and wife artists Dennis & Frances whose big break came when QVC featured their folk-art style dog carvings. Their popularity meant the couple had the finances to build their amazing B&B

2. Jules Undersea Lodge, Florida USA
A hotel that lets you quite literally sleep amongst the fishes, to stay here you have to complete a short diving course first. There are some great pictures on their website here of people eating pizza, relaxing and er.. doing their taxes underwater.

3. Tree Sparrow House, Cornwall UK
I really want to stay in this tree-house on the Lizard Peninsular in Cornwall. It looks so cosy up there - although I reckon it might get a bit drafty!

4. The Scout Hall, Isle of Wight UK
If you felt the urge to dip into the world of Moonrise Kingdom then this is the place for you. Decked out with vintage furniture (I'd recommend a browse through the interior photos), it looks like a truly wonderful place to stay.

5. Les Balade Des Gnomes, Belgium
You may think you've stepped into a Brothers Grimm fairytale if you decide to stay at this imaginative hotel in Belgium. The interior includes twinkly lights and a sail boat where you can sleep on the 3rd floor.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lovely links

Loved looking through photos of this 1920s speakeasy club, The Krazy Kat, in a treehouse(pictured above). Via Messy Nessy Chic.

Ever wondered what Macauley Culkin's up to these days? Well it turns out he's dressing as Kurt Cobain and living in an amazing apartment he modelled on the one Tom Hanks moves into in Big. Of course he is.

Jem of Beautiful Clutter found the most beautiful hand-painted book on flowers for only 20p at a table-top sale.

Apparently Nottingham-born designer Paul Smith has been receiving mysterious gifts for the past 20 years from an unknown sender. A short documentary film has been made on the subject, you can see the trailer here. Via Last Year Girl.

Jess shared some links yesterday, amongst them was Bad Kids Jokes, a collection of jokes by children that made me giggle a lot.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The best of Brighton - a mini guide

Breakfast at Billie's

Tom and I managed to fit quite a lot into our weekend in Brighton so I thought I'd share a few nice places we discovered whilst there for anyone thinking of visiting.


A friend of ours recommended the breakfast at Billie's Cafe so we stopped by as soon as we arrived in Brighton. We weren't disappointed! On offer were these huge farmhouse hash breakfasts - my veggie one was a mish-mash of veg sausage, beans, onions and potatoes all topped off with a fried egg and melted cheese. Amazing and very filling!

On the Sunday we went for a wander round the North Laine area and happened upon La Choza (above), a cute little Mexican cafe. The inside was so bright and colourful it really cheered me up on a rainy day. I ate a veggie burrito with feta and roasted butternut squash which was delicious - I'm going to try and recreate it myself at home!

We also went for a hot chocolate in a place called The Marwood, which prizes itself on providing 'kick arse coffee and life changing cake' - the hot chocolates we had were certainly great and the place itself was very fun and quirky.

Also: we very nearly went for sausage & mash at the Shakespeare's Head pub. They have so many varieties on offer it's known as the 'bangers & mash pub' and comes highly recommended.


There are so many good ale pubs in Brighton, we didn't have time to visit them all but the following came recommended: The Globe, the Hop Poles, the Fishbowl, The Fiddler's Elbow and the Lion and Lobster.

Later in the night we went to The Mesmerist (above) a bar and club situated in the Lanes. As the night wore on more and more people started dancing downstairs to rock & roll and swing records, it was a very lively place indeed. They even have a hairdressing salon upstairs to give visitors a retro 'do.


Photobooth at Snooper's Paradise

The Lanes are famous as the area to visit if you want to shop. There are some lovely places there, including one of my favourite shops Joy, that sells pretty dresses. On Sunday we headed to the North Laine area to find Snooper's Paradise, a huge vintage mall selling everything you could dream of, from books to clothes and knick knacks galore. There's also a photobooth (I always look out for them!) you can visit for £3. Although it's not a vintage one, the photos are still printed black & white. The surrounding area is great to explore and we came across a lovely comic shop, toy camera store and lots of amazing stationery and gift shops there too.

Above: Exploring the Lanes

Where we stayed: The George IV, part of the Artist Residence hotel, where I was excited to find they did halloumi & mushrooms on toast for breakfast! Huzzah.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brighton Adventures

At the weekend Tom and I hopped on a train to the seaside town of Brighton. The town is home to lots of quirky shops, veggie cafes and cosy pubs. I'll do another post soon with some tips on our favourite places, but for now here's a few photos from what we saw over our weekend.

The burnt out West Pier is my favourite.

 Moomin joy!

 Love all the coloured houses.

A cheeky seagull.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Film Friday: Films to look forward to

This week I thought I'd share a few films coming out later this year that caught my eye.

There's a new Michel Gondry film on the horizon starring Audrey Tatou and Romain Duris... Mood Indigo (it looks very Gondry!)

And a new film by the Coen brothers coming out this year, Inside Llewyn Davis (starring Justin Timberlake!)

No trailers are out yet for new Edgar Wright film, The World's End but some images have just been released. It's the final in the Pegg-Frost Cornetto trilogy so it should be good!

And last but not least..

Before Midnight is the final in the 'Before..' trilogy, starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. Although they'll never be able to recapture the youthful innocence of the first film, initial positive reviews on IMDB are making me really look forward to the final instalment, set in beautiful Greece.

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