Sunday, 6 January 2013

Top 5: Music videos that put a smile on my face

YouTube is a wonderful place - amongst the million Gangnam Style parodies and videos of cats doing stupid things lie some brilliant music videos that never fail to cheer me up when I need a happy boost. Here's 5 of my favourites.

5. Coffee & TV by Blur
This video of a dancing milk carton who falls in love still warms my heart.

4. Paul McCartney - Coming Up
In the 80s Paul McCartney went a little erm.. off kilter with his solo albums. This strange video for Coming Up in which he dresses as various musical stars (including himself from the 60s) proves he had a sense of humour at the very least..

3. La Bionda - I Wanna be Your Lover
Tom and his friends introduced me to this video by Italian electro-disco maestros La Bionda - perhaps the catchiest song I've ever heard. You can't help joining in after hearing it just once, "Wanna be your lover, wanna be your lover, wanna be your lover not just be your friend.."

2. Phil Collins & Philip Bailey - Easy Lover
You can't get more of an awkward duo than this pair. Phil Collins' bad dancing and tank top make this video pretty special.

1. Adam & Joe with Louis Theroux dancing to Groove is in the Heart
They're so young and smiley, and this song is just so very danceable! There are heaps of great videos on YouTube by Adam Buxton but this old vid of him and Joe dancing with Louis Theroux in their younger years is a personal fave.



  1. Wow the Adam & Joe & Theroux one is exceptional!

  2. yeay Adam and Jo! They all look so young...

  3. Haha! They really do look young - I wonder how they know Louis Theroux?

    Adam Buxton is bringing his BUG show to Phoenix in Leicester next month. I went last year and it was excellent - would fully recommend if you're a fan!

    B x

    1. Ooh ace, that's very tempting actually! I might come along!

    2. PS think they went to college/university with Mr Theroux and have all known eachother ages.


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