Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Top 5: Favourite Cities

I love a good top 5 list (blame multiple viewings of Hi Fidelity) - so I thought it'd be fun to publish a new list each week on a different topic. To start off I thought I'd round up some of my favourite holiday destinations I've ever visited. January always gets me in the mood to travel to far off climates. I'm hoping that this year I can go to some places I've never been before like Scotland, Italy or Greece. Feel free to share your holiday favourites with me in the comments too, I'd love tips on where else is great to visit.

5. Paris, France

I've got some happy memories of Paris. From cocktails on a trip with the French A-level group at college, to sharing wine with my friend Sarah on the Pont Des Arts (only to be interrupted by a very drunk Frenchman who wanted us to talk to his wife on the phone - pretty strange!). Not all my memories revolve around alcohol, but a glass of wine at twilight by the river Seine can't be beaten. However, Paris can be very expensive and tourists are always out in abundance so try to avoid the summer months if you go!

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona pretty much has it all - sun, sea, the city and glorious mountains. Not to mention the architecture - Gaudi really did help to make the city unique, it's the perfect place to explore if you love art and design.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

I visited Stockholm a few years ago with some friends and I remember going out at night and the sky turning this amazing shade of orange, as seen in the picture above where the skyline looks almost unreal. We hired bicycles to explore this beautiful city, and despite everything being quite expensive I'd love to go back and explore further.

2. Amsterdam, Holland

I've been to Holland quite a few times now and there's always new places to discover. The Jordaan district and de Pijp are full of great vintage shops and well worth exploring. I always find Holland such a friendly country when I visit, the people are so down to earth and Amsterdam is a really pretty city to get lost in (just avoid the touristy parts where Stag Do's prevail..)

1. Reykjavik (and beyond), Iceland

Reykjavik lies in the number one spot because it's simply so unique. I visited one February to celebrate a friend's birthday and I have really happy memories of our short trip there. The landscape is just breathtaking and Reykjavik itself has some really cool bars and a great vintage shop I stumbled upon when I was there. If you go, make sure to also visit the amazing waterfall, Gullfloss, swim in the Blue Lagoon and of course see the Geysirs erupting on the Golden Circle tour. I'd love to go back and go on a whale watching trip, or perhaps even see the Northern Lights.


  1. Great list! My top city would be Portland, Oregon, with Cape Town, Paris, Reykjavik and New York following.

    1. New York is amazing as well, yep. I would love to visit Portland, Oregon and see what all the fuss is about too! x

  2. You've never been to Scotland? Shocking! Come up here this year and let's have cake.

    1. I would love to! I'm really keen to do a few trips where other bloggers can be my tour guide so I'll keep you posted on Scotland plans later in the year. x


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