Sunday, 13 January 2013

Telescopes, frisbees and bobble hats

This weekend we headed off to Darley Park with some friends, armed with flasks of warm coffee, some freshly made lemon cake and a frisbee for a lovely walk over the fields. We stopped off at one of my favourite pubs, The Abbey - a cosy real ale pub in an old Abbey in Darley Dale. I'd recommend a trip if you're in Derby, its great for real ale fans and full of sweet dogs sleeping after long walks.

After that I'd heard about a Star Party that was also happening in Derby, at Alvaston Park. Did any of you watch Stargazing Live last week? The night in Derby was part of the BBC stargazing events held at many venues across the country, where people had chance to gaze through a telescope at the night sky. At first we thought the sky was going to be too cloudy to see anything but in the end part of the sky cleared and we spotted Jupiter and four of its many moons, pretty amazing. We began to get a bit chilly after a while so we bundled back in the car and headed back to play Scattergories and eat some yummy Thai food. How was your weekend? I am still waiting for proper snow here but we did get a scatter of light snow last night!

 The Abbey

Stargazing live at Alvaston Park (Jupiter can be seen top left. Photo by Tom)


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I didn't know about the stargazing thing - we can see the planets from our city centre street, but I was amazed how many stars I could see when I visited a friend a fifteen minute away.

    1. It does make a massive difference if you go into the countryside away from the bright lights, yep. We weren't that far from town so it never got that dark on Saturday, would love to go to a proper observatory further out.

  2. this is awesome! what a rad weekend! it sounds like a really interesting way to spend a night - star gazing. love the bobble-hats, by the way.


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