Friday, 11 January 2013

Film Friday: Jeff Who Lives at Home

Another week, another Jason Segel movie! This one stars Segel as a 30 year old slacker, still living at home with his mum who works in a boring office, dreaming of a better life. One day she gets an instant message from an anonymous admirer at her workplace which makes her rethink her office routine. I initially thought this film would be a straight up comedy but though it does have funny scenes, it's more reflective and a bit more serious than I first imagined it would be. I enjoyed the film, though I did guess who his mother's admirer was pretty much straight away!


  1. I really liked this film; I guessed the admirer, too, but it didn't spoil it for me at all.

  2. I wasn't very fond of this movie, so I stopped watching around the thirty minute mark. Who was the secret admirer (if you don't mind posting spoilers)?

    1. Yes i liked it but wasn't overly blown away either! His mother's admirer was her best friend in the office ;)

  3. Keep meaning to watch this - this is the second positive review I've read lately, must get on it!

  4. I loved this movie!! :) Awesome choice. It was actually really cool to see him in a more serious role, too. Lovely!


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