Friday, 25 January 2013

Film Friday: Django Unchained

This week I went to see the new Quentin Tarantino film, Django Unchained. Although I normally try and avoid any film that strays past the two hour mark, this film kept me entertained throughout.

A German bounty hunter helps free Django from slavery, and the two pair up on a mission to find Django's wife who has been taken to work on a Mississippi plantation.

Although some scenes were brutal (I had to close my eyes during several) it's what you expect from a Tarantino film, and as well as upsetting scenes there were a surprising number of funny moments as well. Leonardo DiCaprio played Calvin Candie, the owner of the slave plantation and he did a brilliant job of capturing the greed and cruelty of his character. I'd really recommend this film.. although there was a certain scene which I felt weakened it, which I don't want to give away - Australian accents were involved, but I'll say no more..


  1. Ooh, I'm planning to go and see it... soon? When I can find an evening when I can fit such a long film around eating and the need to go to bed at a sensible time.

    1. Yes i fit in a quick meal at the cinema beforehand!

  2. I felt the same Laura - I really enjoyed it and was surprised at just how much of it made me laugh out loud - but felt the Australian accent scene and Samuel L Jackson's character let it down a little.

  3. hihi. The guys sitting next to me were quite amused that I kept burrying my face in my hands because of all the blood. But I really didnt expect it to be so funny. I dont think I've laughed so loud and much during a movie in a long time!


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