Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#52 Lists: Jobs I have had

Pip of Meet Me at Mike's is running a project sharing 52 Lists this year. I thought I'd join in as I've sadly not been keeping up with my photo a day project for January. (Lists are quicker and easier to complete!) Pictured above: my first place of work, aged 16.. Only Joking.

1. Babysitter
2. Joke shop assistant
3. Checkout girl
4. Cinema usher
5. Avon lady (I spectacularly failed at this job!)
6. Bar person
7. Waitress
8. Desktop Publishing Operator
9. Graphic Designer
10. Freelance Illustrator/Photographer
11. Marketing Assistant

Have you had any weird & wonderful jobs over the years?


  1. Working in a joke shop must have been fun!

    My first job was at a children's theme park, and I worked in a tiny log cabin, alone, selling cuddly toys. My uniform made me look like a nutcracker doll.

    When I moved to London, my first job was at a printers in Sloane Square and on the first day Joan Collins' husband came in and asked me to photocopy their OK! Magazine wedding feature and letters from Dodi Al Fayed. That was a bit weird.

    1. Ha, that's crazy!

      The theme park sounds fun although in reality perhaps not all it's cracked up to be? I keep thinking of the film Adventureland now :)

  2. My most unusual one was cinema projectionist; I've also worked in an Ann Summers store, various video shops and about five thousand offices (or so my temp days seemed). And finally I'm doing press/marketing!

    1. I remember reading about your experiences at Ann Summers on your blog!

  3. Ha, I've thought about being an Avon lady, but I don't think I'd be much good at it either! Joke shop assistant sounds fun. I've not had many jobs yet, but the most fun/interesting so far was being an easter temp at Thorntons and icing hundreds of chocolates with names on. :)

    Btw, were you, by any chance, at the Broadway cinema last night? I have a feeling I saw you but I'm not 100% sure it was you, in which case, ignore this! :P

    1. Ahh yes you spotted me! Went to see Django Unchained, did you see a film too?

      Mmm, thorntons..

    2. Awesome! It is a great cinema :D Yeah, we saw Les Mis, which was long but very good. I think we'll go see Django Unchained next week. :)

      Indeed! The only disappointing thing about working there was that the only free chocolate I got was one measly viennese truffle!

    3. Just a truffle? That's bad! Let me know if you ever fancy a blogger meet up some time. I was thinking a while ago it'd be nice to organise a Midlands blogger photo day where we got together and took pictures somewhere.. what do you think?

    4. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea! I don't actually know of any other local bloggers, though, I don't think. But, it would be wonderful to meet some :)

  4. My first job was last year for a month- I worked as a zombie at a haunted cavern during October. It was pretty great getting to dress like a walking disaster and scare people. Plus I got paid for it so it made even better! :)


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