Friday, 7 December 2012

Top 10: Films that have made me cry

Yesterday I felt a little teary after Tom told me the jazz pianist Dave Brubeck had passed away. When I listened to this song (familiar to all, no doubt) I suddenly felt all emotional. Ahem. Sometimes things just get you out of the blue. Anyway, I thought I'd make a list of films that have made me cry, some for sad reasons, some for happy. Are there any I've missed?

1. Life is Beautiful
If you've seen it you'll know why. Probably the film that made me weep the most!

2. It's a Wonderful Life
Sad tears, happy tears.. watching this film around Christmas is becoming a great yearly tradition.

3. Dumbo
So sad when he's separated from his mother.

4. The Graduate
I know, it's a comedy. But the bit at the end where they're all happy on the bus together.. ahh.

5. Up
The opening scene. Last time I watched it I had to leave the room! Anything about old folks feeling lonely inevitably makes me a bit teary.

6. My Girl
Still makes me well up.. Thomas Jay needs his glasses!

7. Little Women
The scene at Christmas near the beginning. Sniff.

8. The Land Before Time
Orphan dinosaurs are in it together!

9. Lilya 4 Ever
A pretty sombre film about a girl from Estonia called Lilja who dreams of a better life with her only friend, a boy called Volodya.

10. Bambi
Those evil hunters.

And some films that didn't make me cry...

The Notebook
I was told that this would definitely make me cry but for some reason I couldn't sympathise that much with the characters.

Marley and Me
Mainly as I fell asleep a couple of hours into it and missed the sad part. Oops! May have to watch it again..

(Also of note, a slightly sexist list of films that make men cry. Hmm..)



  1. These are indeed all devestating films! Me and my boyfriend watched my girl on a recent holiday for the umpteenth time and cried bucket loads!

    When I went to see Marley and Me, its the most I've EVER heard people cry in the cinema. Not your normal, sniffles, couple of tears rolling down the cheek and then everyone pulls it together - full on weeping from everyone in the cinema!

    1. hehe, aww. I don't think i've ever witnessed that in a cinema!

  2. I agree with so many of those! Up totally devastated me! In the cinema, with my kids, I cried like a baby (wearing 3-D glasses) xx

  3. Lilja 4-ever made me cry, too.

    Have you seen Garage? It's a very slow film, but it made me cry harder than any film ever has. I went straight to bed and cried for ages. Usually when I cry at films, it's just a few tears.

    1. No never seen garage, i'll look it up!

  4. I was working in a cinema when Up was released and I saw so many children leaving the film at the end in tears telling their parents they never wanted to see that film ever again! It makes me cry every time.

  5. I cry SO easily at films. My Girl devestated me as a child and I've never dared watch it since. My go-to films if I feel like a good sob are Brokeback Mountain and The Family Stone.

    1. I've still never seen Brokeback Mountain, should probably give it a watch!

  6. The opening sequence of "Up" gets me everytime.


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