Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Christmas Gift Swap

This weekend I had chance to collect an exciting parcel that had arrived for me at the post office - it was my Christmas box from the thrifty gift swap I joined on Janet's blog last month. I was so happy when I opened it, every present inside was so lovely (and so 'me'), thanks to my thoughtful swapee. The contents were as follows: a gorgeous mixtape tea towel, a vintage cup filled with tea, a mini candy cane (which has gone straight on my little tree), an old Penguin book - Gigi by Colette (can't wait to read this), a mix cd (featuring many ace tunes, I gave it a listen earlier when wrapping presents!), a Jam record, a handmade lavendar cushion and a Make Do & Mend vintage booklet. Hurrah! Hopefully the person I swapped with will get her box soon too. Thank you Janet for organising such a lovely gift swap.



  1. Such a sweet idea! I'd love to do something like this - I miss snail mail.


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