Sunday, 2 December 2012

A Christmas Wishlist

I've been fairly organised so far and bought the majority of gifts for folks, so I thought I'd make a little wishlist out of a few nice things I spotted lately. (Note: i admit that the keyboard floor cushion is pricey, I just thought it was cool!)

Clockwise from top left: Curio shelf £30 from Urban Outfitters, Keyboard Cushion £215 Urban Outfitters, 2013 Cities Calendar £25 - Papermash, The House that Groaned graphic novel £9.59 from Amazon, NY stamp set £9.95, Yellow Owl Workshop, Silver & Gold $15 by Sufjan Stevens, Bear pepper grinder £8, Lazy Oaf, Twinkle Sparkle Trio hair clips £15 by Giant Dwarf, Holly brooches by Tatty Devine.



  1. I do love that curios shelf. And I have so many curios!

  2. They've got 'The house that groaned' at Nottingham library, be warned though it's pretty strange!

    1. Oh really? Might have to pop that on reserve then, didn't see it when i was last in there!


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