Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter wanders

This weekend was a lovely chance to relax and also get some stuff done! I've been working on some portrait commissions recently as well as getting some early Christmas presents out of the way. Yesterday I ventured out to the second Pretty Dandy Flea which was lovely, and as a friend of mine said 'like a real life Pinterest board!' After some browsing we popped in a couple of charity shops and then warmed up with a cuppa and some tasty cheesecake in Lee Rosy's. Today Tom and I had a bright early morning walk around The Park where we found this impressively big leaf! I love wintery days when it's cold but the sun shines really brightly and The Park is the perfect place for a quiet wander. This evening we are having a home-made fish pie and meeting friends for some board games in a local pub. Who said dark winter nights have to be depressing?

Above: The Pretty Dandy Flea

 Amy Blackwell's lovely stall



  1. You went to the pretty dandy flea, fun! We went to the last one but went to Welbeck for their christmas market instead this weekend. Love the inside of the church.

    1. It's such a beautiful building! x

  2. That really is a HUGE leaf!

    I saw flyers for the Pretty Dandy Flea and sounded great, but couldn't make it. Looking forward to sweeping through some other Christmassy craft fairs soon though!


    1. Yes i do believe there's one at Nottingham Contemporary this weekend, i still need to check out the latest exhibition there too.x


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