Monday, 19 November 2012

Stepping back in time

At the weekend I took a trip to Lakeside Arts Centre with my friend Caroline, to see their new photography exhibition, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. For those unfamiliar with the book, it was written by Nottingham author Alan Sillitoe in 1958 and adapted into a film starring Albert Finney, in 1960. Arthur is a 22 year old who works in the local Raleigh Factory. He is bored of his repetitive work and is having an affair with Brenda, the wife of his colleague. The book details his Saturday night and the aftermath on Sunday morning.

Lakeside Arts Centre is currently exhibiting photographs taken from the film around Nottingham, as well as other photographs from the time taken in local spots such as Sneinton Market and the Goose Fair, as well as the old Raleigh factory which was located here in Nottingham until a few years ago when production moved to Asia. It was lovely looking through the photos and imagining what the city was like back then. There was also a chance to dress in 1950s outfits, which we couldn't refuse! (We did have the option of wearing pretty patterned dressed with full skirts but chose to dress as old ladies in headscarves instead, heh!)



  1. Why hello fellow Nottingham blogger! Nice to come across you !

    1. Hello there! Ooh I'll have a little browse of your blog as well..

    2. Love finding local bloggers! Check out bakearama too - she's another local food blogger


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