Sunday, 18 November 2012

November, lately

Watching.. old David Attenborough programmes from the 1960's. He was so young! His voice was so much posher! And he wore Converse. Ah, dear old Attenborough. Oh and the Killing Series 3 has just started too.

Listening.. to Jake Bugg - out of curiosity, and for the fact that he's from Nottingham and the council have decided to put a huge banner in the Market Square to congratulate him on his album success. Bless. (For a town this size you'd really think it'd be easier to name some famous Nottingham bands, but it really is tricky.. I get stuck after Tindersticks.)

Reading.. I just read the Night Bookmobile, a graphic novel by Audrey Niffenegger, inspired by a lifelong love of libraries and reading. I really enjoyed it - it was also serialised on the Guardian a while ago, where you can read parts here.

*I wrote this post quite a while ago but was waiting to have a picture ready before posting.. last night there was this gorgeous sunset at University Park which I was pleased to capture.


  1. Can't stand Jake Bugg. Saw him a while ago in Notts (I was there for the support act) and he struck me as a bit of a twat.

    1. He does seem rather irritating yes! He just seems ridiculously young but then that's probably because I still find it a bit odd people being born in the 90s!


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