Sunday, 11 November 2012

Creative Spaces part 1 - The garden shed

Living in a small flat means I often crave a bigger space to draw, craft and make things in. For this reason I really enjoy seeing inside other creative folks' studios, where their artistic process begins. I thought it would be interesting to photograph the studios of some of the creative people who live here in Nottingham. First to kindly agree to show me their studio, was fine artist (and fellow Blur fan!) Paula McCann. When I heard she had converted her garden shed into a studio space I couldn't wait to visit her and see it for myself!

Paula has lived here in Nottingham for 8 years now, after moving up here from London. She studied on the part time Fine Art degree at Nottingham Trent and is now a practising artist in her free time. We first met at a Drawing Group she ran in the gallery space above the Hand and Heart pub on Derby Road.

Paula likes to work with textures and geometric shapes. She explains a bit about her work in her artist statement:

"My work is very much process based. I work instinctively with materials that I feel an affinity with and make sculptural pieces made from materials such as red wool, wax, muslin, brown paper, ochre pigment and charcoal, plywood and carpet tacks. The work I create comes from my physical manipulation of, and emotional interaction with, the materials that I am drawn to.  
The tactile qualities of the materials, their texture, colour and smell trigger my unconscious mind and it is essential for me to work with the materials to form the ideas for my pieces."
Her shed was such a cosy space to work in (despite the rain!) and made me crave a garden shed all of my own. Thanks Paula for showing me your work space!

Where do you feel most creative? If you'd like to contribute to the series let me know below!


  1. Laura, you should check out this guy's studio shed, it's so cute :)

    Plus he's building a house on the back of a truck, AWESOME!

    1. Wow, what a view he has! Amazing. Sheds are obviously the way to go.

  2. What a lovely idea for a series of posts - look forward to seeing more creative space!

  3. Great studio spot! I just found your bog and I'll be interested in seeing other artist studios.


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