Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lovely links

Time for another round-up of some fun things spotted lately on the internet...

- This crocheted pumpkin bowl by One Sheepish Girl is pretty cool

- Grandma Lo-fi writes pretty catchy tunes on her keyboards

- Ada the Globetrotting Doll gets kitted up!

- I've been enjoying watching the 'Ask a Grown Man' series on Youtube. Any fans of Tavi's online magazine Rookie may be familiar with these videos, in which teenage girls pose questions to some famous grown men. Highlights include Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm (who looks a little worse for wear in his!) and my personal favourite, Ira Glass, who makes a mean balloon animal!

- Enjoyed reading this typewritten note by Tom Hanks recently

- Siobhan's new knitwear line looks pretty toasty

- Mmmm.. a recipe for millionaire's flapjack!

And finally.. any fans of Seinfeld may be interested in Jerry's new mini-series, Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. The basic premise is that Jerry Seinfeld meets up with one of his comedian friends and chats to them over.. well, a coffee.



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  2. Thanks for featuring Ada! And YES to Ask a Grown Man! :)

  3. Oh that pumpkin bowl is such a cute idea! I bet if you did it in red it would make a great apple too. Now browsing around that blog for other crochet inspiration. Thanks for including my millionaire's flapjack too :)

  4. Now I want Millionaires Flapjack! These are a great bunch of links - I really want to make that pumpkin bowl, but I've never crocheted (correct?) and it might be a bit tough just yet!

    1. Yeah, i tried to learn to crochet but got a bit flustered and gave up. Really should give it another go!


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