Sunday, 23 September 2012

Weekend in pictures


This weekend was the first I'd spent at home for a while, so I made the most of being in Nottingham. On Saturday I wandered into Hockley where Broad Street had been covered in 'lawn' and made car-free for the day, allowing people to learn more about cycling and public transport. I also had chance to take a photo for my stranger project, of a friendly lady who was playing a hurdy-gurdy - an interesting medieval instrument I'd not seen before. Then I headed to Aubrey's Creperie - a nice little French-style pancake shop in the West End Arcade I'd wanted to visit for a while. My banana-nutella crepe was pretty great (although we seemed to be waiting for them for ages, my tummy was grumbling!)

tom and kat

banana choc

On Saturday evening we invited some friend over for a cheese 'n' LP's evening. The cheese selection was amazing, and the LPs were pretty good too! Today the weather wasn't so good but I managed to start a new photo project (will reveal more soon) and I'm now in the middle of making some blue cheese & broccoli soup, using up some of the leftover cheese from last night. There's nothing better on a rainy Sunday than making soup and watching an old film. Hope you all had good weekends as well! x

Ali & Tina


girl talk


  1. Mmm cheese. Also Aubery's looks nice - added to my 'to do' list...

  2. You've given me a massive craving for cheese and crackers.

  3. Any place called 'Aubrey's' has got to be worth a visit. :)

  4. Ooh another cafe in Nott I need to visit! :)


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