Monday, 17 September 2012

List: 29 Before 30


A while ago I started writing a list of 29 things to do before I turn 30. Well it's coming up pretty fast, I have 8 months to go which I can't quite believe! Scary - but does 30 really feel much different? Here is the list - I'll see how many things I can tick off by May next year. (Photos above taken at Tom's gran's 80th birthday recently!)

1. Finish making the travel zines (the first, all about Dubrovnik is all done and we have two left to print!)
2. Find a lovely new job
3. Visit Manchester's Christmas market
4. Save enough money to buy a camper van for an exciting trip!
5. Open an etsy shop
6. Draw more portraits for people
7. Cycle my bike more
8. Print out more photos to put into albums
9. Spend a night at my Nan's house, and watch an old film with her
10. Improve my skills on the ukulele
11. Make more handmade gifts for people instead of buying them
12. Hold a craft night with friends
13. Learn a new recipe (perhaps this one as it's a favourite when i eat out!)
14. Volunteer more at the New Art Exchange
15. Visit the new Bowie exhibition at the V&A
16. Go to a zine fair
17. Sell more things I don't use on eBay
18. Sell some zines!
19. Try out Nottingham's new patisserie for fancy cake and tea
20. Discover a new band
21. Finish my 50 Strangers photo project (I seem to have hit a hurdle now after person 31)
22. Hang out with my brother more
23. Read another classic novel
24. Hold a Halloween film-night with added ghost stories
25. Send a drawing to my cousin
26. Go an autumn walk through Wollaton Park (and visit my favourite tree!)
27. Do more freelance work
28. Visit Scotland (I've never been but really want to)
29. Travel to somewhere exciting to spend my birthday


  1. What great photographs! Good luck with the list, you have some fun things on there to try, I'm sure you'll have a fab 8 months getting them done.

    And I would love to tell you that your 30s are great... but I'd be lying. I HATE not being in my 20s anymore!

    1. Thanks! Aw don't say that! A few people told me their 30s were their favourite decade but they may have been lying..

    2. To be fair, if I had it my way I'd still be 18. Ageing and me do not get on!

  2. I like your list. Think I'm going to do one but I'm 36 so might be a before I'm 40 one but actually that is TERRIFYING !!
    I really love the one about your Nan and the ones that seem simple but are easy to just not get round to (Halloween party!)
    If you come to the Manchester markets give me a shout! :)

    1. Oh yes I will do :)

      You should make a list too, at least 4 years is quite a long time to get things done by x

  3. I really like this list. All achievable and fun :)

    1. Yes i went along the fun route rather than the 'eat healthily' style one hehe.

  4. God reading your list has made me panic slightly, if you think 8 months is scary try less than 2 weeks! Gah! I have decided to make a list of things I want to achieve when I turn 30 instead of before! I like your list though, I used to live in Manchester and the German Christmas market there is definitely a must. X

  5. A lovely list Laura! Definitely draw more portraits as we love ours and feel very lucky to have it. More craft nights are something I would like to do and there are so many local patisseries I want to visit!

  6. 30 is *definitely* not that bad; I much prefer my 30s to my 20s.

    And yes, come to Scotland! We can meet for cake. :)

  7. Nice list :) It's good to have a mixture of bigger and smaller things, some that take a lot of planning and others that you can do in a spare afternoon, you'll be able to start ticking things off pretty quickly. I've found that actually having the list written down reminds me to do the things.


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