Friday, 28 September 2012

Film Friday: To Rome with Love

Rome was the latest city to inspire Woody Allen, after Barcelona and Paris before it. I enjoyed Midnight in Paris and was a little dubious as to whether Woody Allen could sustain the magic in his new film. To Rome with Love centres around different circles of people living in the beautiful sun-soaked city. I did end up enjoying the film but a few of the stories grated on me after a while (I got tired of Robert Benigni's role quite quickly and wasn't sure if Alec Baldwin's parts quite worked) - and some of the comedy fell a bit flat. But Rome itself looked wonderful, and the cast were good, making the film worth checking out if you enjoy Woody Allen's more lighthearted films.


  1. I'm a pretty big fan of Ellen Page and Woody Allen- is it worth the watch?

    1. Hmm i wouldnt say it's his best ever film but still worth the watch i think! Woody Allen stars in this one too although his character was rather cranky in much of the film! x


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